Cookery Classes

Cookery Classes and Demonstrations

Have you always wanted to learn one-on-one or in a small group how to cook something to perfection? Now you can!

Executive Chef, Heidi Couture is now offering a variety of cookery classes and demonstrations, done in the privacy of your own home. Either one-on-one, couples, or a group of friends.

Cookery Classes:
All classes are hands-on and all students come away with solid information and techniques as well as getting to sample the food we create! Cooking classes are offered for 1 – 4 people. All Food Costs Included.

Cooking Demonstrations:
Cooking Demonstrations are a great way to socialize and mingle while learning cooking techniques, exploring new flavours and making new friends. And of course you get to sample the yummy food! Cooking Demonstrations are limited to 12 people. All Food Costs Included.

The Art of Sauteing
Learn how to perfectly saute a Beef, Chicken and Fish Entree! Chef Couture teaches you how to build flavour with each dish using Classical Techniques.
2 hour class, 1-4 people.

Small Plate Celebration
Explore a spectacular parade of small plate dishes from around the world. Savour International flavours, pick up the latest cooking techniques, experiment with exotic ingredients, and satisfy your palate with unforgettable tastes enhanced by the finest seasonal ingredients.
2 hour demonstration, 4-12 people.