Chef Heidi (photo by Keith Kartanos)

Chef Heidi (photo by Keith Kartanos)

About Chef Couture

Heidi Couture is not your average Chef. Heidi earned her Master’s Degree in Communication at the age of 23 and then taught at the University Level for nearly a decade. Having traveled abroad extensively, Heidi eventually made a bold move and opened her own Bed and Breakfast in Glastonbury, England. Heidi met and cooked for people from all over the world. While living and traveling abroad Heidi furthered her interest in the Culinary Arts by exploring cultures through their food, and then incorporating those influences into her own food.

Heidi returned to her Native New England in 2009, where she officially enrolled in a Culinary Arts Program. Her natural talent was then honed and crafted by many talented Chefs and Heidi discovered her passion for French Classical Cuisine. Heidi’s approach to cooking is to cook with passion and present with polish. Heidi loves introducing people to new flavors, techniques and presentations.

Chef Heidi was thrilled to return to Somerset in 2016, drawn back by her many friends and beautiful landscape. She continues to be inspired by Somerset, and its’ fresh and seasonal markets,and she will deliver simply the best from market or farm to your table.

Chef Couture is happy to offer Vegan, Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free Catering for all your dietary needs. Please contact her today.

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